Created in 2020, Laboratory of Fluid Engineering and Energy Systems (LIFSE - 202023534Y), is a joint research unit of École Nationale Supérieures d’Arts et Métiers and Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers. Its investigation extends from fundamental to applied research to address the many scientific and technological challenges increasingly complex. LIFSE also delivers answers to the socio-economic demands through national and European research programs or industrial partnership projects.

Specialness of the LIFSE relies on investigations combining several fields and approaches to design, analyze and improve the efficiency of fluid and energy systems. The innovations looked for are environmentally friendly, while maintaining optimal performance and reduced levels of nuisance.

The LIFSE’s main research areas revolve around hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, thermics and thermodynamics, implemented for the turbomachines development as well. These research areas are a part of the renewable energy fields, sustainable mobility, aerospace, processes and health.
The complementary of the approaches : theoretical, numerical and experimental of the laboratory allows developing knowledge and a high level of expertise on fluid engineering to confront the challenges related to the energy transition.

LIFSE relies on CONFLUENCE engineering platform providing high-tech equipment and simulation tools, with some having an advanced Technology Readiness Level (TRL higher than five).
The laboratory has about 50 members including lecturer-researchers, engineers and technicians, postdoctoral and PhD students. The laboratory also hosts many foreign researchers every year.