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Low-temperature plasmas can be defined as ionized gases with electron energies of the order of the ionization potential of atoms and molecules (about 10 eV), whereas the heavy species stay at much lower temperature (few times the room temperature). They are widely used in industry, e.g., microelectronic chips manufacturing, material treatment or satellite electric propulsion. The main difficulties to model these plasmas are related to the strongly non-equilibrium conditions, the interaction between the plasma and the wall in contact with it and the interplay with the electromagnetic field. In this seminar, we will show the derivation of the plasma macroscopic equations from the kinetic equation by means of Grad’s method, accounting for the electromagnetic field and the chemical and thermal non-equilibrium. Furthermore, different asymptotic limits of these equations with respect to the collisionality, quasi-neutrality, and electron inertia will be discussed. Finally, we will discuss the discretization of the system of equations with asymptotic-preserving schemes in order to avoid severe time-step restrictions due to the resolution of the small scales. Comparison of the plasma moment model with kinetic simulations and experimental results will be also discussed in this seminar.


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Alejandro Alvarez Laguna
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Chercheur au CNRS
Laboratoire Physique des Plasmas
UMR 7648, Ecole Polytechnique, IP Paris
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