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A large share of energy consumed in EU (namely 120 TWh/year) is attributable to centrifugal pumps. In the last years, these gained a renewed interest not only for the market growth associated to regular demographic rise, but also for the necessity to reduce the carbon footprint of conventional power plants in the light of new strict regulations. Furthermore, these machines can be employed to exploit energy (pump as turbines) from pressurized fluids in water distribution systems, other than in processing and treatment plants. Actually, the design of centrifugal pumps is a robust and consolidated procedure, thus finding innovative solutions is challenging. This talk will show an innovative design procedure for double suction hydraulic turbomachines and the impact of its retrofitting on the carbon footprint of existing power plants (e.g., nuclear power plants and pumped-storage systems)



Dr. Tommaso Capurso

Research Scientist at Politecnico di Bari